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The purpose of the Service Office is to provide:

1.    Information to Military Veterans and their family members.
2.    Guidance in the proper direction to take in resolving issues linked to Military Service.

3.    (come on fellers, help out a bit here.....)

If you have a pressing matter that needs immediate attention call (604) 628-1616.

The 2012 edition of the Veterans Benefit Guide in English and Spanish can be viewed here.

La edición 2012 de la Guía de Beneficios de los Veteranos en Inglés y Español se pueden ver aquí.


The 2011 edition of The Veterans Benefit Guide in English PDF format is available for download here.

La edición 2012 de la Guía de Beneficios de los Veteranos en Español está disponible aquí.

Information on Adjudicating Initial SS Disability claims is here.

Send for Military records here.

The Veterans Administration is located here.


Have you heard of the combined effort of DOD and VA to improve communication to veterans, known as eBenefits?

    The eBenefits portal is an online resource that veterans  can use to find and manage benefit-related information.  The website is located at and will allow veterans to follow the development process of their claim among many other things. 

    We ask that you all help get the word out to our veterans and to our active duty personnel that are about to make the transition from active duty to civilian life.  Please view the Site to get a better idea of all that this new website offers to our veterans. 

    As time goes on, the VA is improving this site to be more user-friendly.  Note, it also has a link to state benefits.


Veterans with Service Connected Disabilities and the ADA

2011.03.06  The Primary Mission of this unit is to aid Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States who reside in Canada to obtain benefits available to them from the Government of the United States.   These benefits have been legislated into law by the Congress of the United States for the purpose of aiding those who have served in the Armed Forces.

We also extend our services to the all other Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States who reside outside the United States.

Over time we hope to be able to refer others to a competent Vet group in their area.

There is no charge for our services.

Are you taking prescription drugs?
Do you know what the effects are?
HERE if you want to know.

Information on Combat Related Special Compensation




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